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Somerset Academy Losee Campus

Elementary School
Pride Care is the Somerset Losee before/after school student care program designed for Losee students in grades K-12.
Daily activities will include a snack at 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. There may be time for homework support, quiet reading time, math support, recess and game time.

For more information please click open the attached brochures or if you would like to enroll please click open the attached enrollment form.

**Pride Care Update**

July 31, 2019

Losee Lions Family,

After careful consideration of community feedback, I have decided to keep Pride Care as the before and after school child program for students. However, in order to keep the program, we must ensure that child care costs cover the operations and payroll for the program.  As a result, there has been an increase in cost for the 2019-2020 school year. The fees are still significantly less than the cost of other child care options. Additionally, we have added a one-hour option on Monday and Friday for parents who may need childcare on days that the new FLEX schedule is not in session.  Below, I have provided the new fee schedule for Pride Care.

I hope that Pride Care remains a program that is affordable and convenient for our Losee families.  If you have questions regarding the program please contact Liliana Perez, Pride Care Manager at (702)902-5466.


Jessica Scobell


Somerset Academy, Losee



Weekly Sessions (Monday –Friday) Pay in advance by due date: (per student)

 Drop in 6:00 -8:00am

$10.00 per child per day

Drop in 2:40 -6:00pm

$20.00 Per child per day

  Morning 6:00 -8:00am

1 student $15.00

2 students $25.00

3 students $35.00

4 students $45.00

5 students $55.00

6 students $65.00

 Afternoon 2:40-6:00pm

1 student $40.00

2 students $60.00

3 students $70.00

4 or more students $100.00​​​​​​​

Holiday Prices (MUST PRE PAID)

1 week break: $150.00 per family (Program will be closed if we have less than 5 students)

1 Day break- CLOSED

** Starting 8/1/19 Somerset Losee will no longer be accepting personal or business checks for payments.  Accepted forms of payments are Cash, Money Order, or through our online payment forms **


If you have any questions about Pride Care please contact:

Liliana Perez at 702-902-5466 or <Liliana.Perez@somersetnv.org>