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Somerset Academy Losee Campus

Counselor's Corner
Somerset- Losee's counseling program offers resources for students, parents, and staff in the Middle and High Schools. 

In addition to group and individual meetings, the counseling program includes classroom guidance activities and consultation with parents and teachers to ensure the continued academic and social development of all our students. 

 Small groups are developed to address the needs of the students and have included topics such as transitions, friendships, family changes, and stress management. Classroom sessions, provided to teachers or presented by the counseling staff, create a forum for developmental lessons. Sessions have included such topics as peer relations, problem-solving, character development, and career exploration. 

 Counselors support parents and teachers during conferences while maintaining their student advocate role. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office at (702)826-4373, or email DJ Norland (HS counselor) at DJ.Norland@somersetnv.org ​​​​​​​