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Here are some helpful videos walking you through how to use National Sports ID.  ALL Student-Athletes for ALL Sports or Activities will be required to have a National Sports ID.  For the Fall Season you must be fully approved by 6PM on September 11th to play.  It costs $10/student-athlete and is good for 365 days (or all sports/activities for the entire 2019-2020 school year)
How to Get Started Setting Up My Team/School 
How to Get My Child Verified - 3 Step Process
Where do we go to get our National Sports ID for NCSAA by September 11?

Is my information and documents uploaded to National Sports ID secure?
ALL DOCUMENTS UPLOADED ARE DELETED AFTER THE SPORTS ID IS VERIFIED AND THEY ARE NOT STORED ON OUR WEBSITE OR SERVER.  We can assure we take every possible measure so all of your data is 100% secure with encryption on National Sports ID. We use new revolutionary ways to make our site and the paths your documents are on virtually impossible to track or be hacked. We do this by changing passwords several times per day. All your data is encrypted and we carry an SSL Certificate on our website. All credit card information is stored on PayPal the industry leader in merchant processing.

How does National Sports ID verify athletes documents?
National Sports ID has a team of analysts who carefully inspect all documents and information you submit. If a document is found to be counterfeit then National Sports ID will notify the athlete’s school and push to get this as cheating on the child’s transcript. JUST DO NOT CHEAT AND YOU WILL BE ISSUED A SPORTS ID.

How long is a verified Sports ID good for?
NSID is a subscription and a verified ID is good for 365 days from the day it is verified. BUT as long as your subscription stays active then the Sports ID will renew automatically and there is no need to every upload player documents again.

Can players and teams be viewed to see if they are verified or not?
Yes. You can search for players or teams to see if they are verified by NSID or not. You can do this by logging in > users > users or teams > search.

What information is displayed on my son or daughters public sports id?
We have made sure to take off any information that would be considered private like a school name or birthday. The sport id just shows the picture, grade they are in and verified age.

What payment options are offered for parents sign up?
NSID offers the use of all major credit and debit cards.

How much is a Sports ID?
A Sports ID is just $10.00 per 365 days.

How do I get my team verified?
National Sports ID will issue a team verification once ALL players who are a part of your team have all been verified. You can learn exactly what you must do to invite your players and help them get verified by clicking here: Get My Team Verified

Can a coach register players without sending invites to his/her parents?
Yes. Coaches who have teams can create accounts for his/her parents and players, upload player photos and documents, pay for the team players and submit them all for verification. Coaches can learn how to do that here: How a Coach Registers Players

Can I pay for my entire team or other players Sports ID’s?
YES. You can do this by using the Add/Verify Players Function in your Team. You can get there by going to Manage Team > Add/Verify Players. Once you enter your player’s information and documents you will see a link VERIFY ALL  and you can click that and pay for each player or all at the same time.

Do we get a physical Sports ID card?
The Sports ID is designed to be a virtual ID card used mainly on mobile devices, however, you can print one out and have a physical card as well by visiting your sports id and click the Print button at the top of the id. Learn how here: How to Print My Child’s Sports ID NCSAA does not require an actual printed ID card.  They will have access to the digital version on their electronic devices.