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Somerset Academy Losee Campus

Uniform Policy


Somerset Academy of Las Vegas, Losee Campus will be following a policy of standard student attire. By wearing school uniforms, students will become part of a team. It is this team effort and sense of belonging that will help students experience a greater sense of identity and promote academic excellence. We are committed to keeping the cost of uniforms as low as possible for our families. Uniforms can be purchased online or in person at All Uniform Wear. The nearest location is 7311 W. Lake Mead Blvd Suite 100 LV NV 89128 and the store can be reached at 702-780-0277.


The Somerset Crest MUST be on all collared shirts.


Shirts: Red, White, Yellow, or Black (long or short sleeved) collared shirts with the Somerset logo. All shirts must have sleeves that cover shoulders (no tank tops). Undershirts must also be school colors. Other colors will violate the school uniform code. 

Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Capris, Jumpers: Khaki (tan) or navy blue or black in color, canvas or cotton twill material.  No denim except on Spirit Wear days.  Skirts/shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. No sweat suit pants, joggers, or jeggings.  No pants or shorts with more than 2 front pockets and 2 back pockets (no cargo shorts or pants).  Sagging, oversized pants are not allowed.


Shoes or Sneakers: Shoes/sneakers must fit securely on the foot and include a sturdy sole that will prevent punctures. Flip flops, slippers, and heelies are not allowed. Open toe shoes are not permitted. Shoes with heels should not be taller 2 inches. 


Outerwear: Outerwear is to be in solid school colors or be removed upon entering the building. Outerwear worn in the building should be free of commercial logos on the front, back, or sleeve.  Outerwear with the Somerset crest is preferred. Zippered sweatshirts with the Somerset logo are available at All Uniform Wear. Pullover hoodies with the Somerset logo are allowed to be worn to school. Pullover hoodies that are from Somerset sponsored clubs (Lacrosse, NJHS, Cheer, etc.) can be worn on Fridays during Spirit Day. 


Accessories: Belts must be worn through belt loops and may not hang down or have a large buckle, and belts must be in neutral colors (white, brown, black); tights and leggings are to be worn in school colors.  School colored leggings if worn, are to be worn under knee length skirts or rompers.  Leggings are not to be worn alone.  No facial piercings (such as gages, spikes, lip rings, nose rings, etc.) are permitted with the exception of conservative earrings.  Plugs are permitted. Hair accessories must not be distracting.


*Administration reserves the right to deem hair color or hair style a distraction to instruction.


Spirit Days:  The last day of the school week, usually a Friday, will be our scheduled Spirit Day. Students are allowed to wear their Somerset Academy School T-shirt on Friday with jeans. This attire is only allowed on Spirit Days.  (Jeans must be BLUE denim with no patterns and must not be cut-off, frayed, have holes or be ripped.) If a Losee Spirit Shirt is not worn on Spirit Day, the regular uniform is required.

The last Tuesday of each month of school will be our scheduled "College Days". Students are allowed to wear college T-shirts, college sweatshirts, college team jerseys/sportswear/athletic wear with BLUE denim bottoms (no ripped or torn jeans allowed). This attire is only allowed on the last Tuesday of the instructional month. 

** Proof of understanding of the Uniform Policy will be signed electronically during Registration.