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Somerset Academy Losee Campus

Grading/Attendance Policy

Regular attendance in school leads to increased student achievement, and students benefit from the education opportunities provided by our dedicated staff.   Absences and tardiness also cause disruptions in your child’s learning.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure student attendance.  On the first day of return after an absence, a student should bring a written note explaining the absence and signed by a parent/guardian.  Students shall be allowed a minimum of three days to complete make-up work.  Please be reminded that a student who exceeds eighteen (18) absences during the school year may be retained in the current grade.  Excused absences are for illness or emergencies only, not for vacations. Excused absences are still considered absences on the student transcript


Losee Campus practices standards-based instruction in all grades guided by the Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS). Student achievement toward mastery of NVACS is reported using the following standards-based grading system for Grades K-5: 

4- Exceeds Expectations for Target 3 – Meets Expectations for Target 2 – Partial Mastery of Target.  1 – Little or No Mastery.  Does not demonstrate mastery, even with instructor assistance.   LOE- Lack of Evidence or Not Enough Evidence (i.e.  Missing work, incomplete work, refusal to work, absences, not turned in, etc.)  

Student achievement toward mastery of NVACS is reported using the following grading system for Secondary Students (grades 6-12): 
A+= 101% and Above- Exceeds Grade Level Standards 
A= 90-100% - Meets (Closer to Exceeds) Grade Level Standards 
B = 80-89% - Meets Grade Level Standards 
C = 70-79% - Approaching (Closer to Meets) Grade Level Standards 
D = 60-69% - Approaching (Just out of Emergent) Grade Level Standards 
F = 59% and Below - Emergent - Below Grade Level Standards 

Grades in Specialty classes for elementary students (Art, Spanish, PE, Music, Library, Taekwondo) will use the E, S, N, U format to report on performance. 
E = Exemplary       S = Satisfactory       N = Needs Improvement       U = Unsatisfactory 

Citizenship Grades – Learner Behaviors 
Grades K-5 will receive E, S, N, U grades for Learner Behavior targets for good citizenship.