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2 Star Letter

Letter from the Principal

Somerset Academy of Las Vegas


4650 Losee Road      North Las Vegas, NV  89081

Middle/High     O# (702) 826-4373        F# (702) 527-7999


September 20, 2019

Dear Somerset Losee Parents:


Each year the Nevada Department of Education issues ‘star ratings’ as a way to evaluate school performance. Star ratings are given on a scale of one to five stars.  This year’s star ratings were released on September 16, 2019. Somerset Academy of Las Vegas Losee - Elementary and Middle School received a two-star rating. Somerset Losee expects to see significant growth in the future and has already begun to take steps to improve.


As a result of being rated a two-star school, Somerset Academy of Las Vegas Losee – Elementary and Middle School is required to inform you that you may transfer your student to one of the following nearby public schools if you are zoned for them:


John Tartan Elementary School

Clyde Cox Elementary School

Jesse D. Scott Elementary School

Raul Elizondo Elementary School

Fredric W. Watson Elementary School

Clifford O. Findlay Middle School

Carroll M. Johnston Middle School

Marvin M. Sedway Middle School


We are determined to improve and provide a quality education to your students.  We hope you will dedicate yourselves to being a part of this process with us. 


Thanks for being a part of our Somerset Academy community.  We are truly grateful for the opportunity you give us to teach your children, and look forward to continuing to grow together in the coming school year.




Jessica Scobell