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Somerset Academy Losee Campus

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Losee Athletics

Losee Athletics Donor Choose Fundraiser

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Our Student-athletes Deserve a Fair Chance

Help me give my students basketballs, team speed, and agility and quickness training kit, basketball shot trainer, dribble training aid, training balls, jump bands/jump ropes, cones, weights, weighted basketball trainer

My Students

Our athletes need your help! Our school is located in a community that has many daily challenges. Due to crime, poverty, and gang violence, there are little recreational chances that our students have outside of the school. Our students need programs that will provide them with an opportunity to succeed, a positive experience that will help them grow to be valuable members of society, and a safe outlet where they can have fun, learn how to live and thrive in a community, and learn that hard work leads to success. Our school is relatively new to playing sports at a competitive level. We are playing schools that have all of the necessary resources to be successful and thrive! Unfortunately, our own lack of resources has left us being the underdogs. Our students know that they have to play and train ten times harder, and are good at not getting discouraged or giving up. They fight hard, give 100% of themselves, and never lose hope. Because of this, I can’t think of anyone else that deserves proper equipment and a fair chance of success more than these kids!

My Project

We are looking to expand our program and be more successful and prepared for this upcoming year by investing in better equipment, fitness enhancers, and safety equipment. Think about the success that our teams could have if they are able to increase their muscular endurance, strength, and agility and have the proper equipment to use in practice! Not only will this equipment help our athletes on and off the court, but it will also help give them the discipline they need to be in top shape and improve their game! Would you be willing to support our Athletic program and help to get our athletes at a more competitive level? Here’s your chance!